Let's All Go to the Movies

Unbreakable is probably his best. I also liked Split but then he completely bumbled that “Trilogy” with Glass.

The Village is probably my second favorite. But it ain’t great, lol.

I hated The Sixth Sense but that’s probably just because some idiot kid ruined the twist for me when I was a kid.

Lady in the Water is so far up its own ass it wasn’t even funny.

Signs is probably his most commercial work and it’s… fine? I just find a lot of his movies have little to no replay value once you see the twist.
I don't give a shit, The Happening is intentionally bad. It has to be.
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Kids are peppering me with M Night Shamalyan (?) questions. Must have seen Robot Chicken. All I’ve seen is Sixth Sense, so have they.

Any others worth the time?

they also want to know if there is always a twist.
I'm a pretty big MNS hater, but I'll admit that Split was pretty good. Depending on the age of your kids, though, this may not be advisable viewing. It's about holding a woman hostage and is closer to traditional horror than his others.
Old - 1.5/10

If it's not intentionally bad, it's the worst movie of the year. The other choice is it's a comedy made by someone with the worst sense of humor on planet Earth. Some of the most painful, unnatural dialogue I've ever witnessed. It wasn't goofy enough to be Lanthimos, so I don't think it was intentional. The audience laughed at parts that definitely were not meant to be funny. These actors don't deserve to look this bad. Wardrobe needed to put some fuckin clothes on Thomasin McKenzie.

So, definitely not back to early 2000s form for Shyamalan.