Let's All Go to the Movies

I'm partial to Godzilla movies, but I'm curious about what others thought about it. Probably gonna finally go see it this weekend.
I dug it more than I expected:

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I'm just treating this like the last thread

Heat: 8.75/10 - I'd watched this once maybe 10-15 years ago and thought it was fine. This movie fucking rules. It cooks with some serious gas the first two hours or so. The last hour dragged a bit but shit. This is Mann's masterpiece.
Laughing so hard at my friends that have probably never seen an indie film posting about The Dead Don’t Die.

They all thought they were walking into Zombieland apparently and didn’t know what to do with the Broken Flowers they were dealt.

Kudos to the marketing team for getting normies to watch Jarmusch (even though I’m hearing it’s sorta disappointing)


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Late Night: painless, easy watch, but unremarkable in all respects. As is typical of the genre, very limited plot/character development outside of two characters. Occasional laughs, but really no knee-slappers.

A few different channels were running MiB and MiB 2 nonstop over the weekend, so I ended up watching both. That first movie holds up, and is still a lot of fun. Will Smith was so charming that he made people think a song from the movie that has the name of the movie in the chorus should be a hit. I also recall that the sunglasses he wears in the movie became fashionable.

The second is fine (though I found myself salty upon recalling how they did Linda Fiorentino dirty).

I didn't see anybody playing MiB 3, so I assume that was shitty.

Anyway, I enjoyed watching them so much that I was like "hmm, maybe I should go see the new one." But then I read some reviews and decided against it. Seems like I made the right choice.
Addams Family Values is a perfect movie we don’t deserve from top to bottom. It’s the only one of those godawful 90s era TV remakes that still works on every level for me.

Christopher Lloyd’s performance never fails to crack me up (especially his inability to die)

Raul why did you have to go and die on us :( :(
The Insider - 9/10 - Loving this deep dive into Michael Mann's career. I loved Heat, but you're definitely feeling the length towards the end. This was 2 hours 40 minutes and felt like a lean 2 hours. It just fucking moves. Pacino is mostly reeled in. I'd say this or Insomnia is his last great cinematic performance. Crowe is tremendous as well and it just has a murderer's row of talent in the cast.