Oh what fun. Juicy and ever so slightly peppery; truly unlike any other expression of Australian Shiraz I've had (not that I've had a ton, but they have all been much darker and spicier).
The labels on her new wines remind me of another Australian woman, Courtney Barnett. So that's the music acccompaniment tonight.

Forgot to take a photo until the end of the bottle but goddamn was this good. JYP rarely disappoints. Strong apricot and tea leaf profile with sharp acidity which fades to deep fruit. Beautiful bouquet on the nose. Paired well with cheese, fig crackers, and strawberries. And yes those are my parents gay wine glass action figures.


Le Coste - Bianco de Coccio. This is their classic bianco aged in amphorae. This is the first vintage Le Coste has released this wine. It’s interesting. A bit more alcoholic than the regular bianco, medium dryness, good expression of grape but it’s all a bit overpowered by its alcoholic profile. Hoping some air evens it out a bit. Fun to try but unless it gets better with some air time id probably skip buying it again.
Not much of a wine guy, but starting to explore more. Just got back from a trip to Sonoma/Napa. Realized I really like un-oaked Chardonnay.

Similar realization on a trip to Traverse City Michigan last year and realized they make exceptional Riesling. The sandy soil and moderate microclimate of the Great Lakes, in addition to the fact that it’s at the 45th parallel, same as France’s Burgundy and Bordeaux, Italy’s Piedmont and Oregon’s Willamette Valley, was a cool learning experience.
I don’t know a bunch about wine in general… but I know my Texas wine… and Ben Calais (wine maker at French Connection and Calais) is doing top notch stuff.
Also joined the wine club at William Chris, and they are making really good stuff as well, and the food pairings at their Vineyard Table pairing were awesome… especially the mushrooms. Think they poured us 9-10 samples at this “free” event for members (if you go M - Th that is)