So stoked to have this. It's not as lava lampy or as limey as its predecessor, but it's still delicious. A bit of sharp citrus (whatever that means; it makes sense to me), a little tea leaf. This has been so damn difficult to get but our wine director worked his magic and got us some.


Also while I'm at it... this also happened, courtesy that wine director guy.

Possibly the best Southold wine I’ve had. 2019 skin contact Albariño. Amazing apricot, stone fruit nose. Taste follows with a pleasant tartness. Lacking the VA of some Southold bottles and that’s a big plus here. This is basically a top-tier peach fruited sour or something very similar

We did a thing.


This is a smaller batch of Controvento Rosso which yielded about 700 bottles. It's a bit savory, with a little fig/raisin/black cherry. The natural wine funk was there at first, albeit very faint, but has since faded (and I had this open for a couple hours before sampling). 100% Montepulciano.

As part of the beer team, I didn't have a hand in this, but I'm thrilled to be associated with it!

Interesting Spanish wine.