What are you cooking???

nope. just found the "torch hei" one, is that it?

i mean, yeah it's really not feasible in most homes, as you'd want good ventilation. and everything will be covered in oil. wife parent's kitchen is like a 6x8' space with a single (maybe dual) burner, you'll sit down to a couple things on the table and within 30 min there are 4 more dishes. from a single wok. god now i'm thinking about his fried shrimp balls.

this is why i love using my carbon steel wok that fits into my big green egg. with welding gloves on, because it's going to be hot as all fuck and probably flames shooting up the side.
Velveting is effectively a method of pre-cooking meats for stir fry. You dredge and all that prior too. Tons of variations on The Google

I’m also on that Three Crabs life. I got this soy sauce at the rec of the Japanese grocer owner in Austin. No idea what it is



Suppppppp. And yes I buy the 24 oz bottle and go through a couple per year. Also, keep it in the fridge.

Suppppppp. And yes I buy the 24 oz bottle and go through a couple per year. Also, keep it in the fridge.
Can't make ramen soup base without fish sauce.

I made shrimp and grits last night because for some reason I had a lot of grits and some shrimp I needed to cook.

Cast iron medium heat. Seasoned shrimp with salt, pepper, and old bay seasoning. Toss in butter (prolly like... 4 tablespoons), added minced garlic. Cook until golden brown/caramelized. Take off the heat and squeeze in two halves of a lemon to "cool down" the shrimp/stop the cooking process (and add flavor).

Add atop of grits. I like to add a shitload of butter and cheese to mine.

Adorn with chopped scallions so you can say you ate some vegetables (lol) and try to make the fanciest plating of all time.

Simple. Fancy looking. Would probably actually get you laid if you added some bacon into the mix to cook the shrimp in and add to the top of the dish.

One of these days I'll remember to take a picture before I start scarfing things down.
Interesting that I see no okra or rice. Was that made with a roux? Doesn't seem thick enough. 🤔🧐
it's the oven roux from alton brown, although i like to take it darker than his method calls for. the rice is what's holding up the veggie mass in the middle. there's okra, but it was frozen and i sautéed it ahead of time and it broke apart a good deal. this was right after ladling into the bowl so it did thicken more as it cooled. seafood and sausage were cooked separately and the "stew" poured over. i also had gumbo file powder. zatarain's brand sausage started showing up a few months ago and their andouille is really good