What are you cooking???


"Houston Pulled Pork and Grits" from Chris Shepherd's Cook Like A Local book.

I riffed on it a little. Seared pork butt in bacon fat, sauteed onions down in the drippings, added garlic cloves, jalapeños and dark brown sugar until caramelized... pork back in then chicken stock, Vietnamese fish sauce, star anise and cinnamon sticks... simmered for 6 hours, pulled the pork and shredded then strained and reduced the sauce down, added the pork back until ready to eat. The local milled grits were cooked in milk and coconut milk, finished with a dick load of butter. The reduction of the sauce with the fish sauce and pork seasoning read high on salinity so I barely seasoned the grits, but together it tamped it down well. I will bang again.

Perks of working from home was smelling that simmer all afternoon.

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