What are you cooking???


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Steelhead is amazing. Cut them steak style instead of fillets and grilling them, oh man. You buy them or catch them? Frigging pain to catch here. Barbless hook with a bead....lose a bunch of tackle. Cast a thousand times before you hook one. But man, are they worth it.
Haha no as others have pointed out, fishing in this area at this time of year sounds freaking miserable.

These were from upstate. There's steelhead throughout the Hudson valley year-round but I see them for sale especially in the fall and winter. Trout has always been a love of mine (grew up loving rainbow) and the discovery (for me) of Hudson valley steelhead has been a true blessing.


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Nice - where did you pick up the babka? Was it an easy order/process?
Masa Madre doesn’t have a storefront but they have a couple of pickup locations around Chicago and they ship nationwide. We arranged a pickup at Hopwell the last time we had a Rev pickup since they are spitting distance from each other, and ordered some Hopwell bottles/cans while we were planning to be there anyway. The whole process was painless and a nice day trip out of the house. I would say we were in Hopwell all of 5 minutes to get both beer and babka.
My wife cooked it I just ate it. One of my favorite Filipino dishes Sisig.