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Vinyl and Beer

had forgotten about this band. My roommate in Athens introduced me to them years ago and we saw them. I gotta revisitEntrance.
I’m a pretty big Guy Blakeslee fan, especially the Entrance era stuff. Not quite sure what his deal is now...he’s kinda just a bohemian who puts out random stuff from time to time. Which I’m cool with too. He’s an extremely underrated guitarist, good song writer and obviously has a unique vocal style. I saw them open for Lungfish back in probably 2003 or so and I remember I was standing outside talking to some friends and he started warming up his vocals before their set and it was so insane I actually went in to watch the sound check.


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I was going to put on my new Woody Guthrie, then saw the news Adam Schlesinger is on a ventilator. He’s been involved in writing so many songs that bring me joy from Fountains of Wayne to Tinted Windows to Josie and the Pussycats to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.