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Video Games

How about them video games, huh? E3 just happened and there's some pretty sweet stuff coming out this year. I can't wait for the Link's Awaking remake.

After months of trying to beat Castlevania Bloodlines on my Genesis I finally caved and decided to just beat it on the new Konami collection so I could do save states. Now I'm off to try and beat the inverted castle in Symphony of the Night.

Welcome back...

Microsoft ending their backwards compatibility efforts :(

Honestly they've got all the big titles already done but there are a couple favorites of mine that were never brought over (most likely due to licensing).

In better news Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is in the final batch of games and that's my favorite game in that series.

I guess they're moving over to work on making sure that XB1 titles will be compatible with XB Scarlett and XCloud.