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of all the things i did not see coming, the outcome of that series was the last one i didn't see coming.

also, did not expect Kawhi to come up so tiny in a game 7. he was basically invisible in the 4th.
Definitely in part. Kawhi and George definitely came up small in the last two games, but Doc continued to double to Jokic, never really went small, kept allowing Trez to get roasted. I think there were adjustments to be made.
in Doc's defense, i'm not sure what they could have done to stop Jokic.

he was making the exact right play every time he touched the ball it felt like. he was just locked in.

that said, fair point to suggest doing........ something different to try and switch up Jokic's momentum.
Three 3-1 leads blown. Yeah I'd imagine doc should share some of the blame. Sure the other two blown weren't this team but it's clear he's shown a propensity to fail

Didn't they load manage Leonard abs George this season?
But it seems like the wouldn't have gotten Kawhi without him? Superstars are weird.
Yea I don't necessarily fault them if it was indeed a condition of Kawhi coming to LA. But to do all that and then only get 2 years of Kawhi guaranteed . . . well, let's hope they don't flame out next year. I believe the Clippers won't have a first round pick of their own until 2026. Crazy stuff.