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My dad was trying to unload stuff on me when I visited. I was like, nope, nope, nope. They have one bedroom that is filled with boxes, mostly quilting stuff from when my mom still had sufficient vision to enjoy that hobby.

Kids noticed their bath soap expired in 2007 and they unloaded nuts from their freezer purchased in 2012. I passed on the 2016 turkey. My dad doesn’t understand why I abhor hoarding.
I just finished the last bar of soap left over from my bridal shower in 2012.
I just finished the last bar of soap left over from my bridal shower in 2012.
Happy Anniversary?
Who freezes nuts?

Other than your mother, obvi
Now sitting on upwards of three pounds of pine nuts likely frozen for 3+ years. I also have a couple bags of pecans and walnuts.

I went in hoping to rid my parents’ freezer of old game/fish, but all that is gone. Only got a year old antelope loin.
I keep stuff sometimes out of guilt. Be it from my side of the family like this ugly ass cherry dining set that’s kind of throw together after you get the stories and it matches nothing in a somewhat modern outfitted home.

or the simple shit my inlaws notice or give us, that aren’t useful or wanted, but they’ll notice when gone if it’s recently shifted ownership.
I won’t dispute I like buying shit as much as the next person, but I also atleast just throw shit away or give it away and don’t have attachment to a lot of stuff.

It’s a balancing game and it’s out the window when it includes something you enjoy.
My wife always sets 7am, 8am, and 9am alarms on weekends and they must be aspirational alarms because she’s never up till 11.

She knows that baby is eventually gonna come though so more power to her. She’s been practicing for 15 years though.