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I’ve officially met a 53 year old great grandpa.


in case anyone wants to check the math.

It’s getting very hard to accept my age the closer to death I get.
I'm 36 and a couple of girls in my HS class that I'm fb friends with are grandmas. I'm sure they'll be in similar situations.

The apple doesn't fall from the leaving it in raw as an adolescent tree.
Tomorrow I am beginning an attempt at quitting smoking. First time I've ever decided to do it because I wanted to and second time overall(I quit for a year previously).

May god have mercy on everyone in my immediate surroundings for the next week or so.
Good luck!

Quit a few years ago myself in favor of vaping and still trying to kick that (very close!). It’s not easy but very rewarding.

If you want any support or just want to withdrawal-rage-vent feel free to drop me a line.