Ha! When I called in they were like "Would you convict somebody of a crime solely based on the only evidence being police eye witness testimony?"

I laughed out loud and was called to the bench and immediately dismissed.
This used to be my dad’s move... Saying he doesn’t trust cops. He’s changed now though. I think he wants to get on a jury to make up for avoiding it for so long.
Doctor said most if not all is gone. So I am good for now.

Awesome news Ryan! My wife has been having some skin issues and we were worried it was a form of cancer. She just got done at the specialist and called me. She had an autoimmune condition when she was younger that went away. Unfortunately it's come back, but is treatable with some different things. Fortunately he totally ruled out any cancer. The sound of relief in her voice was enough to make today a really good day :)
Local News channel (News12) used to have a sister channel that constantly aired the weather and traffic. They removed it and replaced it with a channel that does nothing close to fulfill that job.

Son of a bitch.


Send me Percy Pigs
Watching a Welsh series on TV. I was going to post I was shocked they had enough welsh speaking actors, but half of what they say is actually in English.

Fucking Welsh, half arse everything, including their native tongue.