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The Official Dog Pix Thread

E collar training for table cruising and recall has been phenomenal.

Also.... anyone got a dog who’s an absolute slob when drinking? My gsp is like the drunk girl at the car who spills half the drink down her chest and face and in one fluid motion runs from the bar spilling almost all of it on the way to somewhere else.

gotta be her lips or something holding water ?
Mine don't drink water, we call it "Tanking Up". Denver will sit at her water bowl and just go to town, 20% ends up on the tile. Other 2 arent much better.
Shelters are having a hell of a time finding homes for dogs right now. Reminder to donate if you can.
My wife and I are talking right now about fostering. Even if it's getting a dog out for a couple of days, whatever we can do to help. She manages a dog day care facility, so as long as the dog would have up to date shots she could take it with her if needed. Since I'm working from home, I don't have much of an argument against doing it. Just curious how our three dogs would do.