The "I Hate Beer" Thread

I mean, the I hate beer thread isn't exactly a place for rosy impressions of our culture ツ
No, but also this is someone who posted they got rid of al their beer. Maybe they can’t drink anymore and bought supplies in bulk to offload what they had because it is cheaper that way. So take out your rage on someone doing actual shit lording. Or this broken fucking system that leaves individuals holding the bag. Plenty of not shitlordy reasons a person has extra shipping supplies on hand for bottles.
I hope I'm not coming off as expressing rage, meant for smirking tone. You seem upset and perhaps are in the wrong thread...
Only time I’ll even consider ingesting beer is if I’m in a forest or desert or wherever with zeroo access to normal alcoholic beverages, even then, I would go thirsty until I’m about to die. It’s why I’ve only had couple sips prolly 2-3 times in my life

The texture, taste and feeling of swallowing it just tastes all wrong and hard to not just spit it out. (That’s what she said)

I can’t fathom why somebody would enjoy it

And basic neckbeards (95% of white boys in ‘19) and their latina girlfriends would never mix it with non-alcohol fruit juice. They don’t drink it for fun, they drink it for the alcohol, to forget about how pitiful they are as humans. (Tho at the same time thinking they’re better sliced bread).
And they drink it instead of water/craft seltzer most of the time, because they don’t want to be associated with the white girls.