Stoned Posts Only

I had a feeling that the Pax Era FrenchFries gifted me a year ago was starting to fade as it just didn’t hit that well recently. So I got the new (and way overpriced) Pax Era Pro. It arrived today and hits amazing.

Thank you for reading my amazing review. I’m going to have a few IPAs, puff this Larry OG live resin pod, and enjoy some music. Oh yeah, ate an edible too. Happy Saturday.
Any of you homies familiar with BHO vs PHO wax? I got a couple g’s of BHO was which looks terrific and 1g of PHO wax which looks absolutely amazing and is 20% higher THC. Is PHO the new thing in legal states?
Smoking on some night terror og AND han solo burger while i wait for the storms to move in. Easily my two favorite strains that I've got since rec started.. I haven't bought a ton of stuff but man is it fun being able to try different things whenever you want. Pretty sure our small town will have more weed shops than fast food by the end of the year!

Cheers fuckers!

Fuckin' stoned!! Bought some motorbreath 15 today and this shit is strong.. I'm always looking for strong indica dominant strains and this one is right the fuck up my alley. If you ever see it and want to get high as fuck, buy it!!!

Drinking a bam biere and listening to jerry!