Show me the Honey (wine)! The official Mead, Honey Wine, Biere de Miel and Honey Spirits thread.



This is exceptional. Fruit, acidity and sweetness are all balanced perfectly.
I was not prepared for this to be this good since no one really seemed to care all that much when Sahti got some US distro.
I remember MeadMe vanilla in the those squat bottles was also very good but boozy. This doesn’t have that alcohol burn though.
When they nail it, they really nail it.


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Not thrilled I missed out on Barrel Aged Black Agnes. Logged in a half hour after I got the Mazer email. Brutal.
They did tell the bookface group yesterday what time the sale would be so more people were ready for it than usual. I was on the phone with my mom when it went live anyway. There is small batch ginger coming so I am more looking for that sale than LJ.