Random COVID-19 Thoughts Thread

But that’s exactly why people were criticizing colleges for not going remote....what do you mean “to be fair”?
"To be fair" in the sense that college kids think they're invincible and I know I would've been doing ice luges of tequila saying as much and trying my very hardest to get someone to touch my pp and not even thinking about the virus when I was that age, lol.
I haven't been in a Wal-mart since the late 90s, but I remember it being run down and super sketchy. My cousin always said "Wal-Mart is where you go when you want to feel better about yourself."

That's nothing on K-mart. I randomly went into one a few years ago and it was like I'd stumbled into a time warp. They still had sealed Super Nintendo games in the electronics section.
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There are markets where they carry the same kinds of products and target the same customers but they have different strategies for sure.
This makes sense to me - I've never lived in a place that had a target within a 30 minute drive, and have avoided going into walmart as much as possible, so I am really basing my impression/understanding on the products they sell and the clientele I have seen in my very limited experience in each. Where I live in RI there are two walmarts ~20 minutes away in different directions that I avoid completely and a Target ~40 minutes away on the Big-Boxstore-Hell street that I hit maybe once every couple of years for random cleaning supplies or something when I'm stopping at the Trader Joes nearby. Probably haven't been into a walmart in 15 years