Random COVID-19 Thoughts Thread

More like "well they don't want to wear a mask so fuck it".

Make masks mandatory in public across the nation (I don't care if you're in the middle of nowhere... you leave your private land you wear a mask) and this thing will improve from Day 1.

Fine and jail those that will not comply. I'm serious, throw people in fucking jail if they won't wear a mask. 1 warning, 1 large fine similar to a DUI... three strikes and you're out. They're not just harming themselves, they're harming the entire country! If you can't wear a mask for medical conditions you need to stay at home. Come up with a program to assist that part of the population that qualifies. House the homeless until the pandemic subsides in hotels. Compensate those hotels to help their dwindling profits.

Lutter for President 2020.
Meanwhile a coalition of bars are set to sue the state to be able to reopen.

People still believe it's a hoax.

People still think they know better than professional scientists.

People think their ability to not wear a mask is constitutionally protected.

People think the rise in cases is purely a result of the blm protests.

People think potential vaccines will cause them to not be in control of their own minds.

People think that shredded cheese is worth more than their dignity.

People think that it only affects poor minorities and since they're a poor white person it's not their problem.

People think that if they wear a mask that they are consenting to give up their rights as Americans.

People think that the whole thing is a ploy by the democrats to win the next election.

People think that it is okay to literally be a nazi or other enemy combatant supporter.

A lot of people think really horrific things and it is all coming to light with social media, individual responses to these events and our response as a nation.

Our politicians have literally said out loud that a lot of people will have to die for the economy. For the economy.

It is time to blow it all up. We have failed on a most basic sense as a sovereign nation. We cannot protect our fellow Americans from ourselves.
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In case you're interested in a comprehensive overview of where we stand on vaccines:


Los Angeles County confirmed 22 additional coronavirus-related deaths and 2,903 new COVID-19 cases Monday, the largest single-day number of new infections the county has reported since the pandemic hit the U.S.

The daily tally brings the total number of coronavirus cases in L.A. County to more than 100,000.

The alarming spike in cases is not just the result of increased testing, county Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said. The surge is proof that community transmission has “definitively” increased, with the rate of those testing positive for infection nearing 9%. Officials are now warning that 1 in 140 residents are likely unknowingly infected with the virus, a huge increase over last week’s projection of 1 in 400.
LA County is getting shutdown, San Diego County will do the same this week to keep LAites and Zonies from coming in. Shut down the bars and the beaches.