Random COVID-19 Thoughts Thread

I casually asked my wife the chances of a further lockdown due to numbers. She broke down crying asking me not to even mention it and immediately began talking about not knowing what she’d do if schools got shut down.

I already expect another shut down of the courts. But with Newsome facing a recall, I doubt he will do anything about schools (or much else) before that mid-September date.

As a poli sci major, this stuff is fascinating. If numbers spike before them, will there be any political fallout for not doing anything? Or is it ok because it’s to keep him in?

Wild shit.


Mallrats GIF King

Good news, but also potentially bad as it might discourage people from getting vaccinated.

But he’s also selling “Don’t Fauci My Florida” shirts. So who the fuck knows.

I think the dems should dust off the ol' republican "flip flop" chants from the 2004 election. All these fuckheads changing their tune on the vaccines loosely translates to, "You can't vote for us if you're dead! Why did you listen to us for the last 8 months?"