Os Fest!

Hello friends... it’s been a while, but I come bearing news. Lots of folks have been asking how and when we’re going to honor the great and powerful Os - finally we have some details. We’ll be holding Os Fest 1.0, a virtual event to drink and cheers and remember Os together, on Friday, November 20th. There will be funds raised for good causes, and there will be prizes for your amazing donations. Full details on oscruz.com.

Thanks to everyone who’s reached out with kind words and such. This was a huge loss for everyone and it’s been really nice to feel Os’s love reverberating back through the big network of friends he basically created.
I didn't know Os but from everything I've heard about him from those of you who were touched by him in one way or another, he sounds like somebody I would have loved to share a beer and a conversation with. It's my wedding anniversary tonight so I won't be able to attend the Zoom event, but I just made a couple donations in his memory. I hope that you all find some comfort in coming together tonight and sharing his legacy.
DDTers going in to the zoom call tonight and coming out of it all in one handy gif



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Great seeing your beautiful faces, or in Lutter ’s case, a witness protection shadow. 😘 I had a lovely time reminiscing the best of TB times and regret that every time Os invited us to an event my response was always “next year.” So for real, next year, we’ll be there. Virtual hugs to everyone who accepts them, and for Stabby all I have are boops for her cats.
Was fun dialling in.
It was a total @Os lovefest, happy to have been part of it


There were just over $31k in donations for both the NJISJ and AHA. This community still fucks.

Os was always looking to do as much as possible for communities around him. He fought for those who were fortunate enough to have known him, whether in person or just from a place like this. Last night was a blast for so many reasons, but obviously the most important was honoring him and seeing how many people he impacted (160ish folks attended that zoom!).

I am looking forward to Fest 2.0 already.

I am also in need of coffee and a nap.

Also, if anyone reading this has any connection to Rashida Jones, please let us know.