Official Baseball Thread

I'm not a baseball fan but go to a few live games each season. Astros fans are worked up with a a "Fuck You" attitude. Attendance may go up just to give the finger to opponents.

Jokes are Waste Management Co needs to sponsor games and hand out metal trashcan lids for games. If MLB was worried about it they'd mic up the pitcher and catcher, there's zero reason to be using hand signs.


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Would the machines control the speed and placement of their pitches with buried wires that home-field teams could tap into and connect to large steel "drums" in the dugout that are definitely not shaped like trashcans?
Baseball: the sport where hotheaded men occasionally hurl balls at opponent's heads at 100 mph in response to crimes such as "watching a home run" or "hitting a home run" or "rounding the bases too slowly after a home run" or "disrespecting the opposing team by violating an infinite list of unwritten rules."

"Yeah we'll just tell em all to play nice with the team that blatantly cheated and then won a championship. It'll work out."