Official Baseball Thread

So the Mets are introducing their new manager at a press conference right now. I only know because the YES channel is on at work and they have the audio feed. So I changed it to SNY and they aren't even showing it. They are showing an encore game and on the scroll it says you can watch the press conference on Twitter or FB. What?
I don’t follow team systems closely enough now to know whether there was some better theoretical return out there, so I’m not saying this was the “best” return for Marte. But...I’m really happy to see all of Cherrington’s upside talk backed up.

The length of time before these guys are relevant sucks as a fan, but this is the only sensible approach if the goal is to build a contender in this city. There’s probably a colorable argument that “contender” is a foolish aim for this team with this ownership group, but as a fan you have to want a GM that wants no part of BS like that.