Official Baseball Thread

Forgetting this awful take, how is Jennifer Mendoza allowed to be a Mets executive and an ESPN reporter? Isn’t that a conflict.
MLB knew what they were doing when Beltran was the only player named in the report. Can't suspend him or fine him because he was a player at the time and they have to stay consistent across the board but they can throw him under the bus because he isn't a player any longer and they won't have to tussle with the PA.

I forgot my headphones today and now I can't listen to the press conference at 3.
Didn’t she bitch that she wasn’t allowed access to the Dodgers clubhouse last year under the guise of being a “journalist” while also being employed by a rival
NL team? And that article mostly cites ceremonial positions held by former players that also appear on ESPN, not someone that has active involvement in the team.