Layin' Bricks: The LEGO Thread

Have a 6 and 8 year old. 8 year old is really into Lego, the 6 year old is hit or miss but is getting more into it. He prefers more free building and messing around, 8 year old loves to follow every instruction down to the last brick (and usually builds, takes apart, and rebuilds a new set over and over in the first few weeks he has it). Anyway here's a sampling of some stuff that's mostly built, we've got more that are either being put back together or are in bins waiting. Sorry for the shitty pics, if you have questions on anything or want more detail let me know.

Great Hall and Whomping Willow


Quidditch and a fire station set in the background




(BB-8 in the process of being rebuilt....for probably the 100th time)



Oh and here's the whole thing for some scale...probably need to buy another one to fit the remaining Lego sets. Unfortunately my wife would probably kill me so we make do with this one.