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Minnesota needs a meteor to hit their franchise if Parise or Suter retire before their godawful albatrosses expire.
Placing players on career ending IR and/or trading the cap hit need to be outlawed.

The cap recapture thing is kind of dumb too.
I fully expect nothing to really happen in Buffalo. No one in their right mind should want any of the trash heap pending UFAs here. Larsson and Girgensons maybe but what return are you getting a 4th at best?

I fully expect the fan base to have a major meltdown though.


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So, unless Jumbo goes somewhere, are you going to root for the Pens this Spring?

I didn't really want the Pens to do anything other than get some very important players healthy (Dumoulin, Marino, Kahun, Aston-Reese, and I guess Bjugstad). Marleau can still skate well enough. Always good to have some more capable bodies, especially on this year's version of the Pens.
Begrudgingly, yes. Though Dallas is supposedly making a push for Jumbo, which means I could root for him and Pava at the same time (and Corey Perry. Yuck.)
Well there ya go, sliverx

I really liked Kahun. A couple injuries at bad times this year, but I thought he was a smart, quick player.

I already know what Sheary is. I've always thought Rodrigues sucked. Am I missing something here? This makes no sense for the Pens.


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Apparently there have been multiple offers for Jumbo, so he can move if he wants to. Must be a rough decision for him.