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Great Music of DDT: Cover Songs

I will be filling this thread with a bunch of off-genre covers later, but for now, here's some Denzel Curry. I really hope he pulls an Ice-T and makes a hard rock band sometime because he is probably just as good a vocalist for that genre as anyone out there right now.

And he recently did a Spotify Singles where he recorded a cover of I Against I with Bad Brains and had Fucked Up join him to record a song from his recent album.
Damn dude sniped your gig and I didn’t em even recognize.
Dafuk is wrong with people.
I was actually going to have this as a theme one week, alas.

Honestly didn't even realize you had started all the threads! My bad brother. Fell free to have the mods shut me down. Always wanted to start one on TB and thought that this is where the music things go now.

Next thing you know someone will post the Mongo Awards.
Well somebody needs to.