Fast Food Thread

From the article: The police have no authority over breakfast.

A couple of takeaways:
1. Fox News again shining light upon the world
2. This didn’t happen in the USA? Weird.
They released a video of the perp:



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I would hereby like it to be known to the public that Grimace is the larval stage of Ronald McDonald. Ronald McDonald is the adult version of Grimace, and the two of them are of the same species. Every 300 years, Ronald McDonald crawls into the ball pit of a McDonald’s play area and lays an egg there. The egg hatches into Grimace, who is a baby version of Ronald McDonald in the same way that a maggot is a baby housefly. Ronald McDonald (the adult Grimace) feeds its baby Grimace by finding nuts and berries in the forest and bringing them back for Grimace to eat.

After 100 years of eating, Grimace enters a cocoon and begins a metamorphosis during which his amorphous purple body slowly transforms into the colorful, more fully developed adult Ronald McDonald. This metamorphosis process takes an additional 200 years. When two centuries have elapsed, Grimace emerges from the cocoon, now an adult Ronald McDonald. The new Ronald McDonald eats the old Ronald McDonald (its own mother), and begins looking for a mate. Ronald McDonald mates with the Hamburglar (the male variant of the species), and after mating, Ronald McDonald bites the head off of the Hamburglar (for reasons of biology). Ronald McDonald then lays a new egg in the ball pit of a McDonald’s play area, and the beautiful process begins again.

The current Grimace will eat the current Ronald McDonald sometime in the year 2273.

I hope this announcement helps you understand McDonald’s better. Thank you for eating at our restaurants.

Steve Easterbrook
CEO, McDonald’s


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Krispy Krunchy is so good. And he was spot on. There was one in a sketchy gas station just west of 13 and Woodward in Royal Oak I used to go to that was beyond filthy. I think they just had sawdust floors.

Right before I moved they went into a super-fancy gas station about a mile up Woodward. Still good but lacked the charm.
West of 13 and Woodward you say? Noted.
I’d say the same if there was a bar but I’ve been to a Fudruckers that had a bar.

The Subway next to the skatepark we skipped school to go to in HS had kegerators and a license to sell beer. The stoners working there also skated at the same place and would turn a blind eye to us filling soda cups up with coors light.

The good times.
I have so many regional chains that I need to visit. I need to get this fucking vaccine so I can get to Milwaukee and see a Bucks game and shove some goddamn Culver's in my face ASAP.
Lots of Culver’s around. Had them in Chicago, Detroit, and even here in Denver. I also recommend Good Times if you are even in the Mile High.

Lots of Culver’s around. Had them in Chicago, Detroit, and even here in Denver. I also recommend Good Times if you are even in the Mile High.

Culver's has made it all the way down here

*well, the northern Houston burbs so far
While in Milwaukee, get Kopp’s Frozen Custard instead of Culver’s. Same kinds of menu items done better.
never was a big fan of the Kopp's burger. or the wait time while you're crowded in to the.... lobby... area with dozens of other people milling around unsure where to stand and wait, but crammed shoulder to shoulder. outstanding custard, though.
Boston Market kind of rules, actually. You won't mistake their Nashville hot chicken sandwich for an authentic representation, but it's a goddamn good chicken sandwich. Plus chicken pot pies at the ready and their cornbread muffins go great smeared in the mac and cheese.
Boston Market always felt like a lesser version of Kenny Rogers Roasters to me.

Fuck I miss those little cornbread muffins.