Damn Nature, You Crazy


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Do we have a NOPE thread here yet?




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Hung out in the U.P. All weekend and there were a couple big birds circling one day. As it soared about 30 feet right overhead, I looked up the native birds. Pretty sure they were Turkey vultures. Cool looking birds.

Now, sitting out back at the new house and spotted a cool looking little finch or something. Brightly colored all over and went to snap a picture. As I step down off the porch I look down and came about an inch from stepping on a snake. Just a garter, but a bite still wouldn't have been ideal.

Damn, nature.


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Since this usurped "The Animal Kingdom" thread and has now reigned supreme as "Damn Nature, You Crazy", I assume that means that all of nature is fair game, yeah? In that case, wowza.

As I was working on my car on the ground this morning, a chipmunk ran furiously past me. It had another chipmunk biting it's tail & briefly airborne while keeping the bite on the first chipmunk. Crazy, wish I had a video of it. Seen chipmunks do weird jumps and sprints before, but not "assualt" another chipmunk before, strange creatures.