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Forgot these gems, longhorns are so soft and pathetic, they've begged the Big 12 Refs to flag any 'horns down' as taunting and a 15yard penalty. So they rigged the Big 12 to be in their advantage, got their own network (which was a complete and total failure) and never ONCE managed to capitalize on that advantage and are such big soft crybabies that they're now abandoning their crappy conference and begging to join the big boys. Their GOR doesn't expire until 2025 and the LHN is good to 2031. I can't quite figure out how all the media rights are going to shake out through this as well.


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Can we just cancel the Big 12?
As a WVU fan, I have fully mentally prepared myself for our impending membership into the AAC.

You don't just go to Greenville, NC, walk into Dowdey-Ficklen Stadium on the campus of East Carolina University and walk out unscathed.

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