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College Basketball

That was the Fizer/Tinsley year. I went to the Big 12 tourney and watched Jamaal Tinsley dribble through Eduardo Najera's legs on the final bucket to win the conference title, then came back to Westwood and caught the tourney on tv with friends.
That was the Hampton year?
I figured the last one was a troll leading to this...Hampton was the following year with JT alone. I was in the city of Oaxaca following the game online...what a dissapointment.
Ahh got it. I had Iowa State winning my bracket that year (and back then my bracket was VERY serious business to me). I loved that team. I also loved the St. John's teams of the same era.
Such a damn shame Kenyon broke his leg. Cincy would have rolled in 2000. What a team
I felt the same way...though it made me more hopeful of a Cyclone title.

I was mixed on Floyd to theBulls. I didn’t think he was the next Phil, but thought he was better suited to the pros. We had heard rumors throughout that he was dirty (by dirty I mean ok if with paid players) and were worried we’d get sanctions. Especially when we were killing KU when Roy was chair of the rules committee.

Much more bummed by Hoiberg to the Bulls (as coach). I still feel he could have been their version of Coach K.