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College Basketball

Duke/Kentucky Elite 8 game from '92 is on CBS. I was young but remember watching this live with my dad. I tried to reenact the Laettner move on my little plastic hoop about 1000 times.
it's one of those games I remember exactly where I was. As a not quite 12 year old, with other tweens all wearing suits, huddled around a TV in my friend's basement, after his Bar Mitzvah.
Laettner merely thought he saw a spider on Timberlake's stomach.
Timberlake came to my pickup game a couple of times. One of the weeks he was there, I learned to keep my mouth shut on the sidelines when not in the game.

My game has very few players close to his height and no high D1 players, so of course he was just there to have fun, bring the ball up and try to make assists.

it’s also a game that is based around the Chicago improv scene and the other guy in this story you would definitely recognize from commercials etc.

Anyway, there was a dispute over the score and the other guy on the side pipes in “its 6-5” and not Timberlake’s way. He was not pleased.

Next trip up the court, he pulls up from ridiculous 3-ball depth and drains it.

“What’s the score now?”

Immediate steal, another bomb made.

(looking right at the guy on the side”

“What’s the score now?”

Crazy entertaining way to learn a lesson (except for guy on the side).