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College Basketball

I honestly hope they go through with seeding and selection, anyway. Illinois, Rutgers, and a couple of other resurgent teams deserve acknowledgement that they did well enough to get into the field.
I heard on the radio there are coaches on the horn with their agents wondering about bonuses and such. Wouldn't surprise me if they do the selection show for the hell of it.
Stiff upper lip initially, but showed some anger/sadness later...we’ll see how the bedtime conversation goes. School cancellation just softened the blow.
I still remember when UCLA won in 95 (I was 8). I had gone to a bunch of the home games with my grandparents and/or my mom and had watched all the other games on TV. I had "Ed O" (for Ed O'Bannon) shaved into the back of my head. The feeling of euphoria when they won the championship is hard to describe (and probably way higher than it would be if they won a championship now).

Hopefully your boy gets an Illini championship in the next 5 or so years.