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i'm just like you.
same name.
same school (well, one of your schools).
i live in brooklyn, which is the hawaii of the northeast (everybody knows that).

jammery (i was mead drunk when nathan sent me the invite and asked what my username should be. i'm stubbornly sticking to this new one).

Ahhh fuck now I feel like an asshole. I typed in @jammery when I was making the thread, but nothing came up. That explains it.
Realize that maybe this is more appropriate for NBA thread...but I just stumbled across this video of Coby White reacting to how high Cam Johnson got drafted.

Cam Johnson (former Pitt player before transferring to UNC because of the Stallings debacle) is the first Pittsburgh area player (WPIAL) to get drafted in the first round since 1997.

I thought this reaction was perfect.