Lets talk about and share some cheese!


Nettle Meadows - Mini Kunik
- Have gotten this one a few time and will probably buy it a bit more often now that it comes in these mini wheels. Oyster on the outside, funky butter on the inside. Fantastic.

Mitica - Naked Goat
-Think its the first time I've had this one. Mmm mm mmm, I love firm goat cheese.

Both are scrumptious. Will buy again.
My favorites are from locasl creameries a few miles away: Mt. Tam (Cowgirl) and Nicasio Reserve (Nicasio Valley)


This a thread that reminds me we know way too much about way too much...

However, I will eat Cabot Clothbound Cheddar and Jasper Hills Harbison whenever you give them to me.

I may have to get inspired here and start looking at some local places, normally just tell the cheesemonger at our cheese shop to hit me with Alpines and Jasper Hills when I go.
Did a cheese and fermented beverage pairing this past weekend and I forgot to write down everything we had. But the shop I bought cheese from has a great printout for their receipt that tells you about the cheese and their recommended pairings (Venissimo in San Diego).
Camembert Cheese ice cream


Had me at Apple Root Beer. That all sounds amazing.

Very happy to have one of my favorite domestic cheese makers, Cato Corner Farm, fairly close by. Doing a side by side of their Bloomsday and Aged Bloomsday along with some local strawberries, relatively local wine, and not so local jam.

Cato Corner makes raw cows milk farmstead cheeses in Colchester, CT. Bloomsday is aged 6-7 months and tastes somewhere between a manchego and a mild cheddar with a slightly creamier texture. Aged Bloomsday is aged 11-12 months and tastes more of an aged cheddar. Both are very good but I tend to favor the aged version.

Also that Sqirl Brain jam....sofa king good.
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This was a new one for me, but damn did I enjoy it. Alp Blossom by Sennerei Huban from Austria is a cows milk cheese aged four months before the rind is covered in dried marjoram, lavender, cornflowers, chervil, and lovage then aged an additional two months. It is very creamy and savory but but just a bit floral/herbaceous from the rind. It's also just a gorgeous wedge. Highly recommend.