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I’m camping at Maquoketa Caves State Park this weekend. Leaving Monday. Just finished some repair work on my 1987 Prowler 24C. Needed to rebuild the rear floor and wall, as well as put in a new water heater.
Had a waterline fitting go to shit today, as it was the first time it sat with hot water in for a decade I suppose. Picked up a 1/2” Shark Bite elbow and swapped out the leaky barn fitting. It was accessible enough, so not to tough.

Enjoying a beer now.
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My lovely wife and I are 4.5 years into our 5 year plan to get a camper, the last major part before the camper purchase is getting sorted out this weekend. Bought a house, paid off both cars, saved for down-payments, buying a truck to tow this weekend, and in January are going to buy a camper at the massive RV show in Tampa. It's fucking huge, I think the largest in the country and you can get really amazing deals.

Might go a little overboard on the truck to allow room for growth on the camper in the future. Starting the looking at 5.7 v8 Tundras which will tow like a motherfucker. Our first camper will likely be in the 3500-4000 dry weight range. meh, whatever.

Our last set-up with a rented camper from 09/18.

Nothing but camping trailers so far itt. For shame.

Wife and I and a few other friends went last weekend. About 15 miles outside of Detroit Lake, OR.

Tried out our new tent which was nothing short of amazing. The Coleman 6 person instant cabin. I'm a hard sell when it comes to outdoor gear in general but this exceeded expectations as far as ease of pitching/takedown. 60 seconds up, 2 minutes take down.


This was my view for the majority of the weekend.


Shot guns and fished when we weren't eating and drinking like kings.

Here I am, getting skunked, trout fishing.


View definitely didn't suck.

This is my backyard camp out with my 6 year old daughter a month ago. It was a test run for a bunch of camping trips we’ll do together this fall.

It was the first time I put this tent up and forgot to put the pole on the rain fly before it went up. Also a 6 person Coleman and surprisingly easy to put up.

Planning a backpack trip to Pictured Rocks in August with 5 dudes from my fantasy football league. I think my brother is the only other person in the group who has been on a proper backpacking trip. I'm fielding a lot of awesome questions. "I have to buy a $200 dollar tent? I already have an 8 man tent with two rooms and a front porch." "I just bought a machete, what kind of gun should I bring?" "Can we bring a keg?"

We are going to get kicked out of the park, possibly shot by a bear.

It has been an eventful morning.

I can safely call myself a hero for today.
About an hour ago I saved a pudgy little baby boy.

He had been crying for a bit, clearly fussing in the rear tent portion. Next thing I know he falls out Superman style to the ground, face first.
I yell Oh my God!!! And run and pick him up. The parents are nowhere to be found. I yelled for the gal I met earlier (they had a water leak at the water heater, forgot to put the drain plug in). She comes out of the camper, I hand off the baby. She quit thanks me and goes inside to care for him.

After a bit she comes out looking for details. Turns out they were all napping, and fussing baby is normal. Not normal is mudfaced and lightly scraped up baby. She got the story, and went to urgent care.

Back to beer drinking, it’s been a crazy morning.



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I was practically born in a tent, but my grandfather was paralyzed when I was 7, so to get the whole family together camping, we did a lot of cabin in the woods camping growing up. I am a fan of all kinds of camping. Tent, RV, cabin.

Whatever gets your ass out in nature for a few days, a camp fire and some smores/mountain pies/whatever your poison is.
If you're gonna go camping, I would start by getting yourself a tent.

Or, even better, don't.


Governor's Ridge - Mount Rainier National Park


Andrew's Creek - Rocky Mountain National Park

Tents are for cold weather. RV's are for pussies.


Lake McDonald - Glacier National Park
Some of my other favorites:


Luquillo Beach, Puerto Rico


Whanganui National Park, New Zealand


Jay Cooke State Park, MN


Fraser Island - Queensland, Australia


North shore of Lake Superior


Opening day on the Appalachian Trail - Shenandoah National Park, VA


We volunteered to do some trail work at Nelson Lakes National Park on NZ's south island, and were surprised with a chopper ride to a higher camping spot.


Elephant trek through northern Thailand (I can't remember where exactly)


View from our campsite in the Bokeo Nature Preserve, Laos