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That sounds both disturbing and awesome! Might be that I recently had a cucumber berliner weisse that was all liked dilled, pickled cucumber and I can't really see how that would work in a mead. Much intrigued though! =)
That is a bad cucumber berlinner. There are great ones that just taste refreshing and a bit like spa water. Gosh was it B Nektar that did a cucumber watermelon a while back? I think it was. It wasn't everyone's thing, but I loved it.
If he uses Facebook, I cannot recommend the group Modern Mead Makers enough. It’s a group started by professional mead makers that stresses modern TOSNA techniques and has rejected a lot of outdated recipes that might work but don’t really teach people how to make mead, troubleshoot recipes, etc. If he wants to learn to make mead well, it will take some reading, but it’s a good group.
So, basically Lutter-esque approaches to fermentation techniques and recipe development?
Homebrewed for around 15 years now. Never entered any competitions.

These are all going to a family reunion in Nebraska next weekend. Who doesn't need 28 gallons of beer to make it through a family reunion?

Grapefruit Sculpin clone
Red Ale
Hard Cider
2 batches of a czech pislner. I keg one batch straight. The other I take 2 gallons of pils and add 3 gallons of squirt to make a radler. It's the first keg to kick every year.

Doing some taste testing tonight. This is the radler:

I will post pictures of the setup next weekend.
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Did up a pale ale/IPA (should be 5.5% ABV, so right on the border) yesterday. Literally just reached into the hop freezer and used the first four bags I pulled out, so this one will be equal parts Amarillo, Simcoe, Centennial, and Mandarina Bavaria. Using Imperial's Juice strain to ferment.
I've got real lazy with my brewing recently, this is a no hop no boil Berliner thing with my Dad's sourdough yeast, gets a nice level of lacto tartness and the sacc strain in there ferments it right out. I ramped the mash up to 78C (sorry I'm British) because I think I read somewhere that will pasteurise the wort without raising it too high that I'll get any issues with DMS. Perfect Summer quencher, and 5 gallons of beer for a £6 investment in grain and a 3 hour brew day is a winner for me. Anyone else skipping the boil?

Berry picking this weekend in North Central Wisconsin.

30 pounds of raspberries

20 pounds of red currants. These are gorgeous

And I wanted to pick enough gooseberries to play around with but it was end of season for them and I ended up with less than a pound. Next year