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All things Grateful

Just transitioned into 7/2/89 on YouTube.

Ok. I’m down.
I watched that earlier this week while I was working. Knowing nothing, I enjoyed for sure. I though both sets opened strong and I liked that version of he’s gone.

I will say I’ve listened to 6 or 7 late 80s shows, and the drums/space stuff doesn’t do it for me. I love percussion and really long building songs and still can’t get behind it... maybe one day.

But I’m definitely behind weir’s shorts and muscle tees during those shows
Just beware some of those early Dead album pressings are fucking awful. Specifically Wake of the Flood. Also some shitty workingmans dead pressings out there.
Yeah but that’s not unique to GD records. Lots of shitty pressings from almost every album ever, put out over a lengthy period of time. But I feel ya.