All Things Coffee

finishing off the last order from LeverCraft. order of preference from left-to-right. Eric (owner) threw in a free jar for the second straight time as his shipping is admittedly slow but oh man the El Salvador freebie was a good one. He said it’s one of the best beans straight up he’s ever had... while i’ve had some Colombia and Guatemala that were comparable this was awfully damn good. there may be something to natural process beans.

Burundi was fantastic and a repeat buy, i’m all about the intense dusty earthiness of it. Colombia was decent but not hugely memorable. Nepal was pretty weird as I thought it may be... very subtle but still drinkable.

Thank you for this. I live walking distance from this place and never heard of it. I typically buy all my local beans from Flat Track and Figure 8.
Roasted up a couple of batches yesterday. First time doing a lighter roast as I pulled the beans out prior to first crack. The aroma and flavors are popping but the body is a bit lacking (this was a auto-dripper batch, I'll do a pour over in a few days to see if that is still the case). Time to start experimenting more. Just placed an order for more green beans from Sweet Maria's.

It's getting close to harvesting cherry from our tree. Hope I can get more than a pot's worth of coffee from that tree this year.
What was your reason for dropping so early? Unless you are performing that bizarre ultralight Scandinavian roast technique usually beans are considered underdeveloped before the tail end of first crack.
I roasted quite awhile and took them to what I think looked like City roast but I wasn’t hearing any major cracking going on.
I’m just playing around with things at this time, trying to figure out what I like.
straight coffee porn for me... current Four Letter Word geisha at a decent value. pretty interesting roast level, it’s definitely more medium than light based on how it grinds and blooms but 100% behaves like a light roast otherwise.

they note candied lavender, i dunno about candy but for sure lavender tea bomb on the nose. complex palate, moderate tartness fades into further herbal. these are the best beans i’ve had from 4LW, want to buy some more before they sell out.